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Annual Wellness Exams
As the saying goes, prevention is the best medicine. Your annual wellness exam is an investment in your long-term health and well-being. Internist Francisco Velazquez, MD, of Velazquez Medical Practice in Houston, uses wellness visits to spot risk factors and signs of disease and other chronic conditions. Give yourself the gift of good health by scheduling your annual wellness exam today.

Annual Wellness Exams Q & A

What is an annual wellness exam?

Many parents schedule their children’s wellness visits like clockwork every year. As we age, we often become less proactive about our health. Annual wellness exams are essential at every stage of life to stay vigorous and active and prevent disease and disability.

For Dr. Velazquez, annual wellness exams help him see the “big picture” of your health. Detecting warning signs of disease early allows Dr. Velazquez to focus on prevention. During your annual wellness exam, he may recommend beneficial lifestyle changes to improve your overall health and keep disease away. 

What can I expect from my annual wellness exam?

Dr. Velazquez uses your annual wellness exam to review every aspect of your health and wellness. During your visit, he will:

  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Check your blood pressure
  • Develop a treatment plan going forward
  • Order blood tests and other necessary screenings
  • Provide any referrals you may need
  • Record your height and weight
  • Review current prescriptions and update as needed
  • Review your family and medical history
  • Screen for depression
  • Suggest diet and exercise changes to improve your health
  • Test your vision and hearing

How can I make the most of my annual wellness exam?

Current Velazquez Medical Practice patients depend on Dr. Velazquez to know their health history and review their medical chart before their visit. As an internist, he is familiar with all aspects of their health.

Do you have any concerns about your medication? Are you experiencing any new symptoms? Has anything in your family or medical history changed since your last visit? Patients who actively participate in their health care get the best results.

Come to your annual wellness exam prepared with questions and don’t hesitate to take notes. You’ll leave your annual wellness exam with a plethora of valuable information. Bring a friend or family member if you think you may forget something.

The extensive annual wellness exam provided to each MDVIP member is personalized and explained in detail. Patients leave with a plan of action on how to become healthier Dr. Velazquez is your biggest advocate when it comes to your health. To make the most of this partnership, schedule your annual wellness exam. Call or go online to make your appointment today. 

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